Pikers’ Supper

This is a little smorgasbord my Dad and I will often knock-up when the tackle has been put back in the garage and we are back in the warm after a cold winter’s day on the bank.

Whether you’re celebrating the capture of a big pike or commiserating after a blank, this is a great supper that will soon have you smiling again as you reminisce about the day’s events and toast the successes or failures … cheers! / na zdrowie! / за здоровье!


  • Roll-mops
  • Kabanos
  • Sliced red onions
  • Gherkins
  • Radishes (with some salt for dipping them in)
  • Brown bread and butter

To drink

  • Vodka (must be very chilled)


A nice double-figure Yorkshire pike – a cause for celebration


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